Head Coach: Nate Wilford

Coach Nate is entering his 13th season as the head coach for The Flying AJ's. With national recognition, Nate has guided countless athletes to state and national championships. A native of California, Nate left the warm weather to move north to train an ever increasing population of track and field athletes. Without question, Coach Nate is one of the premier coaches in the nation.

Coach Nate combines a desire for excellence and hard work along with encouraging a healthy diet to develop strong minds, bodies, self-esteem and high moral standards while guiding athletes to achieve their absolute highest athletic potential.

Team President: Helen Woodke

Helen Woodke is one of the original founders of the Flying AJ'S that was started in 2000 with Ariel Jones, Jordyn Woodke, Jade Woodke and Jackie Ericksen. Starting off as a volunteer coach Helen was introduced to Nate Wilford and after a few years they merged their abilities.

With the addition of Nate Helen' was able to focus on her goal to ensure that all athletes have a fair opportunity to participate on a fair and safe playing field as well as safe travel. Her commitment to assist the athletes in raising funds to help fund their travel is never ending. Her efforts have lead the Flying AJ's to co Host the South Puget Sound Track meet in June each year.

College Prep and Education is a topic that Helen takes time to discus with athletes and parents to encourage a path to better qualifying for college scholarships.

Helen recognizes Nate as the Best technical Coach in the country that has developed as many National medalist as any one, if not more. Helen sees a bigger future for Nate and the Flying AJ's.

Secretary: Stephanie James

Treasurer: Georg Marzano

Member At Large: Sabrina Bouyer